Audit & Assurance

  • Statutory Audit
  • Tax Audit
  • Regulatory & Compliance Audit
  • Certification Services

Statutory Audit: Our experienced team performs Statutory Audits to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. We meticulously examine your financial statements, records, and internal controls, offering valuable insights to enhance transparency and accountability

Tax Audit: We assist businesses in conducting Tax Audits, ensuring adherence to tax laws and regulations. Our skilled professionals thoroughly review your tax returns, transactions, and supporting documents, enabling you to fulfill your tax obligations accurately

Regulatory & Compliance Audit: Our firm conducts Regulatory & Compliance Audits to assess your organization's adherence to industry-specific regulations and internal policies. We help identify potential risks and implement necessary measures to ensure compliance, minimizing legal and operational vulnerabilities

Certification Services: We offer Certification Services to validate and authenticate various aspects of your business, such as financial statements, compliance reports, sustainability practices, and more. Our certifications enhance your credibility and provide stakeholders with assurance of your commitment to excellence.

Special Audit

  • Forensic Audit
  • Agency for Specialized Monitoring
  • Financial Investigation
  • Due Diligence
  • Regulatory Inspection

Special Audit- In addition to our core audit services, we provide specialized audit solutions tailored to address unique situations and challenges. Our Special Audit services include:

Forensic Audit: We conduct thorough investigations to uncover and prevent fraudulent activities within your organization. Our Forensic Audit experts employ advanced techniques and methodologies to identify financial irregularities, gather evidence, and provide expert opinions when necessary.

Agency for Specialized Monitoring: Our team acts as an independent monitoring agency, overseeing specific projects or programs on behalf of stakeholders. We ensure compliance, evaluate performance, and provide transparent reporting, promoting accountability and efficiency.

Financial Investigation: In cases of suspected financial misconduct or disputes, we conduct detailed Financial Investigations. Our experts analyze financial records, transactions, and supporting evidence to provide comprehensive reports and expert testimony if required.

Due Diligence: When entering into mergers, acquisitions, or partnerships, we offer Due Diligence services to assess the financial health, risks, and opportunities associated with the target entity. Our meticulous analysis helps you make informed decisions and mitigate potential risks.

Regulatory Inspection: We assist businesses in preparing for and navigating regulatory inspections conducted by government authorities or industry regulators. Our team ensures that you are well-prepared, helping you comply with inspection requirements and minimizing any adverse impact. Our CA firm is committed to delivering high-quality, reliable, and tailored Audit & Assurance services to support your business's success. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and how we can assist you.

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