Accounting & Bookkeeping:

Many small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs find it extremely challenging to manage their accounting records and keep their finances updated. We at N D Savla & Associates have huge arrays of options for skilled & experienced accountants/bookkeepers that are qualified and affordable at the same time. You can hire the accountant that is best suited to your needs and the firm’s growth and development.

Our staff is very well equipped with the entire bookkeeping/accounting process starting from recording the transactions to preparing periodic financial statements.

We have set up processes to automate entire bookkeeping processes for our clients including:


How we do it:

Gathering all information such as bank statements, credit card statements, invoices, bills, deposit slips, canceled checks, and so on

Recording transactions and coding them into a general ledger

Prepare a list of open items that require additional information/clarification from the clients

Prepare and record adjustments to finalize books periodically Prepare periodic financial statements and corresponding work papers to facilitate the overall review process

Proactively sending reminders for various due dates of compliances like estimated federal tax payments, sales tax payments, payroll tax payments & so on.

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